Video Feature: Backdraft Racing Shelby Cobra

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The Backdraft Racing Cobra is a very nice car. It is also a reproduction. This might turn off a few people right off the bat who were expecting a pristine original Shelby Cobra from 1965, but for many, this is just as appealing in a different way.

Backdraft racing specializes in building custom high performance vehicles. These may look like a 1965 Shelby cobra but they’re brand new (their facility in Florida opened in 2012). I’m not really clear how all the legalities line up on these.  You’ll notice that the one listed on is a 1965, which confuses me a bit. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation as to how all that works  and I suspect it has something to do with being classified as a replica.

These roadsters are hand built, not mass produced. The entire, single-piece, body is laid on a form by hand, which is pretty cool. Underneath that body is a brand new chassis with custom coil-over front suspension and an independent rear suspension offering height, toe, and camber adjustments. They sell these cars without a transmission or engine.

The one in the video has had a 351 cleveland installed which produces 650 hp!


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