Video Feature:Mercedes Benz sl65 Black Series

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It was a happy accident that led me to filming this car this week. I was running some errands, stopping by Premier Sports cars to see if they had anything interesting coming in soon and this just happened to be in the parking lot. It had arrived only moments before and hadn’t yet had a chance to be detailed or have the dealer plates put on. I just happened to have my cameras in my car so I ripped them out and ran around it real quick before they had a chance to tell me to stop. I didn’t want to wait for them to clean it up and put it in the show room. As you can see, the cars are pretty much immaculate when they arrive, so it isn’t like I’m showing some horrible behind-the-scenes secret.

They were good sports about it, as usual, and joined me in a bit of oggling this fine specimen.



The Mercedes Benz SL 65 is the most powerful Mercedes production car you can buy. Under the hood is a Bi-turbo v12 that produces 661 hp. This aggressive looking beast is electronically limited to 199mph! There were 300 of these made, with only 175 produced for the US Market. If you want to know more about this specific one, go to and check it out. It sure is pretty!

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I didn’t have my tripod with me, but I did take some 360 degree images

sorry for my big ugly face being there. That’s why I try to use a tripod for those.


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