Video Feature: 1986 Porsche Turbo

The Porsche 930 is, at least to teenage me, the ultimate sport scar. This is most likely due to a story I’ll tell you about in a bit. First, lets look at what the 930 is.

The 930 was Porsche’s first consumer turbocharged car. It was initially labelled the Carrera Turbo, then later simply the Porsche Turbo. Born from the necessity of all models intered into the FIA group 5 racing to be actual production cars, the Turbo was an immediate hit. Production began in 75 and continued without issue till 1979 when Porsche withdrew the model from the American market siting emissions limitations.

Not being able to buy one legitimately never stopped anyone though. People imported them anyway for a while. Porsche ultimately reintroduced the Turbo to the American market in 1986 with a slightly lower powered motor than its european counterpart. Around this same time they also revealed the targa and cabriolet versions of the turbo.

Now, for that story about a porsche in my youth. When I was about 14, we owned an auto body shop. A friend of the family had a 1979 Porsche Targa that we brought in and modified to look like a 930.Yes, that is blasphemy and yes it happened. You know what else happened? That car burned to the ground when a fuel line popped off the carb on top of the engine.

This was the first manual transmission car I had driven and I loved it.

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