This Dodge Ram VW Bus Mashup Actually Looks Pretty Cool


This fantastic frankenstein popped up on the San Francisco craigslist.  Its basically the top half of a 69 VW bus riveted onto a 1991 Dodge Ram 250. The two fit together so well, it almost looks like it was designed this way from the factory!


Here’s the text from the craigslist ad, since it will surely go away once this beauty sells.

4101 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville, CA 94608
I can show at IHOP

this is a very rare one of a kind vehicle

1991 Dodge Ram 250 cummins turbo diesel 4×4 with a 60s Volkswagen westafalia camper van welded and mounted professionally to the back of the truck

So basically this is a SUV or a van now

Truck starts right up and runs perfect very reliable

Around 210k miles

20 miles per gallon

Can tow up to 20k pounds

Very reliable

Automatic transmission shifts perfect always very responsive no slips no hard shifts ALWAYS SMOOTH!

Some interior Still needs to be finished
The front doors still need to be aligned a little

The camper tent needs to be re done

I was going to do a wood interior but my wallet is dry now and need money for my business so I’m selling my super rare project baby

This truck will drive across the country right now as is

Text or call me @ (removed for privacy)

Thank you

I think the concept is really cool and the natural belt line of the VW bus offers a perfect mating point for attaching to the truck bed. It looks great from a few yards away, though it is probably not so pretty up close.

Of course if I were to carry out this mod myself, I’d probably opt to include the bus from the bottom of the windshield upward. This might kill the nice belt-line mating but it would give you 2 awesome things.

  1. a huge and spanning forward facing sunroof thingy like on the scenicruiser buses. (see image below)
  2. the ability to stand up in the rear camping area. As is right now, you haven’t gained much over a standard bed topper with a port cut for access to the cab.
completely off topic, but one of the coolest buses of all time.
completely off topic, but one of the coolest buses of all time.

I also probably would have chosen a later model VW bus pop top to use as the later models had larger popped areas for a 2 person bed. Then again, the creator of this project probably just used whatever they had lying around, so I can’t fault them.

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