1960s Auwarter Carlux Custom VW Bus

You’ve probably seen the 23 window VW bus before. Those were designed to carry people to and from airports. The little curved windows were designed to give optimal views of the mountain ranges along the way. The Auwarter Carlux takes that concept to quite an extreme.

Starting with a standard VW bus, it would appear that everything above the “belt line” has been removed to mount an incredible amount of glass. The already panoramic view has gone to an extreme here with glass in nearly every direction.

There were less than 30 of these constructed through the 60s and now, only a couple still exist. One in particular has become internet-famous. it was discovered in a junk yard in debatably restorable condition.

Here are some photos of the one that was found in the car graveyard. These photos were taken from this site.

This same bus has been reworked and is now back on the road, thanks to a group called “The Bug Box

While the wonderful original proportions of the Volkswagen Bus have been destroyed, I have to admit that I really likke this. I’m a sucker for glass though, so all that curved glass makes up for the bubbly top-heavy look.


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