Video Feature: The Green Trolley, A Hacked Ford Taurus

Custom Ford Taurus07

Sometimes you’re driving along and you spot a vehicle that inspires you to pull over and investigate. Often, it is something expensive and shiny, but sometimes it is the rarest of the rare, a truly unique vehicle.

This is the Green Trolley, a Ford Taurus that has 6 wheels and a tiny truck bed.

Built by Tony Cole, this fantastic Frankenstein is simply meant to be amusing. Tony knows how ridiculous it is, and it would appear that he loves it that way. I have to agree with him, unique is always good.

Tony, a self proclaimed hillbilly from Ozark Missouri, made the green trolley after hearing complaints about having a deer carcass inside the vehicle after deer season one year. This complaint may have backfired on the person who uttered it, as the Green Trolley was born.

The rear addition consists mainly of a leafspring and axle set up from a Mercury Villager, attached via some aluminum rails to the frame of the car. He Then had to machine some custom spindles in order to have Ford Taurus rims all the way around.

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