Video Feature: 1960 Volkswagen Camper Bus with Wood Stove


vw camper bus 02


The split window Volkswagen bus is easily one of the most iconic vehicles ever created. It might be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t recognize them, even children who have little to no reason to know cars in any way.

The Volkswagen SO 23 was very early in the whole VW camper concept. There was the So 22 before it, but that was merely a test run in comparison. The VW SO23 camper came with a bed in the back, a childs cot that allowed the front of the bus to sleep two children, a nice little hatch up top, a side tent or awning, and a cocktail set.

The vehicle I was exploring was not stock. Most of the interior has been hand built to suit the needs of the current owner. Ryan, who owns this bus is an avid camper. He and his friends go off to places where the pavement ends, the gravel ends, and sometimes even the worn down trail can’t be found. They take their buses through creeks and over rocky terrain and seek warmth in the winter next to their built in wood stoves.

As you can see, a pretty paint job isn’t high on Ryan’s priority list. He’s more concerned with the vehicles ability to make it through waist high waters and provide him a comfy space to retire for the evening.

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