Stout Scarab: The Futuristic Minivan Of The 30s

William Stout was an airplane engineer with some big ideas. He was the force behind all metal planes and cantilevered wings, which we see as common place now. People often refer to him as the father of modern aviation. His ideas didn’t only pertain to airplanes, they extended to what he felt the optimal road vehicle should be. I have to say, I like his style.

stout-scarab-1-150x150A lot of airplane design and technology went into this vehicle. Note the flush mounted windscreen. The video also says that it has aluminum sheet on the upper end of the body and light weight magnesium doors. Less than 12 were built in total.

He decided to go with a rear mounted engine, over the back wheels for better traction. You can catch a glimpse of the spare in the front storage area in the video below.

The little table is a nice touch on the interior, and a nice addition to the woven wooden headliner.

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