Frankenstein: The 1990 Miata-Cedez

I absolutely love a good Frankensteined car! This case happens to be a mashup between a 1990 mazda Miata and Mercedes front grille with a fiew random bits and pieces in between.


I am a bit curious about that front bumper though. The Miata had no front bumper and any Mercedes with that front grille had a big fat fairly straight bumper.  What it really looks like is the bumper from a 1970 corvette with a little extra mend in it!

As the craigslist ad from Tampa Florida points out, the hard top isn’t included, so plan accordingly.

1990 Mazda Miata convertible made into rat rod. Runs daily, not complete. $1400.00 Hard top sold separate. for more information,call […] ask for James’ Hard top $1500.00


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