2011 Porsche GT3 RS Up Close

When it comes to the well known sports cars, Porsche has always been my favorite. Maybe it was early exposure thanks to a family friend, maybe its because they’re just fantastic vehicles in looks, engineering, and finish.

I got a chance to crawl around an exceptional example of the performance series Porsche GT3 RS, which isn’t your standard road car.

If you’d like to learn more about this specific car, be sure to go to Premier Sports Cars to get those details.

I tend to be more of a fan of the subtle looking performance cars, not massive spoilers and bright paint jobs, but the Porsche GT3 RS could win me over.




DSC00256 (Medium)

DSC00257 (Medium)

DSC00258 (Medium)

DSC00259 (Medium)

DSC00260 (Medium)

DSC00261 (Medium)

DSC00262 (Medium)

DSC00263 (Medium)

DSC00264 (Medium)

DSC00265 (Medium)

DSC00266 (Medium)

DSC00267 (Medium)

DSC00268 (Medium)

DSC00269 (Medium)

DSC00270 (Medium)

DSC00271 (Medium)

DSC00272 (Medium)

DSC00273 (Medium)

DSC00274 (Medium)

DSC00275 (Medium)

DSC00276 (Medium)

DSC00277 (Medium)

DSC00278 (Medium)

DSC00279 (Medium)

DSC00280 (Medium)

DSC00281 (Medium)

DSC00282 (Medium)

DSC00283 (Medium)

DSC00284 (Medium)

DSC00285 (Medium)

DSC00286 (Medium)

DSC00287 (Medium)

DSC00288 (Medium)

DSC00290 (Medium)

DSC00294 (Medium)

DSC00295 (Medium)

DSC00296 (Medium)

DSC00297 (Medium)

DSC00298 (Medium)

DSC00299 (Medium)

DSC00300 (Medium)

DSC00301 (Medium)

DSC00304 (Medium)

DSC00305 (Medium)

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