2011 Aston Martin DBS Up Close

The Aston Martin DBS is a true piece of art. The lines are all subtle yet aggressive.

Aston Martin brags about how often they use the golden ratio in their designs.This may play a decent role in how pleasing the car is to the eye.

Drag your mouse around to change your view, or for the best experience, open this video in the youtube app in your phone and move your phone around!

If you’re interested in the exact car from this video, head over to Premier Sports Cars for the details!

Here’s a full gallery of pictures from this car.

DSC00242 (Medium)

DSC00230 (Medium)


DSC00235 (Medium)

DSC00229 (Medium)

DSC00225 (Medium)

DSC00227 (Medium)

DSC00219 (Medium)

DSC00226 (Medium)

DSC00241 (Medium)

DSC00236 (Medium)

DSC00221 (Medium)

DSC00237 (Medium)

DSC00245 (Medium)

DSC00222 (Medium)

DSC00232 (Medium)

DSC00238 (Medium)

DSC00231 (Medium)

DSC00224 (Medium)

DSC00233 (Medium)

DSC00249 (Medium)

DSC00228 (Medium)

DSC00240 (Medium)

DSC00223 (Medium)

DSC00234 (Medium)

DSC00248 (Medium)

DSC00247 (Medium)

DSC00244 (Medium)

DSC00239 (Medium)

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