1995 Ferrari 512M Virtual Tour (360 video)

The 1995 Ferrari 512M is a pretty incredible looking car. It was the very last of the testarossa line.
There were only 501 of these made, with 75 produced for US markets. One main difference for the US version is the fact that it has a mechanical seat belt. This was to compensate for the lack of an airbag.

This 360 degree video allows you to drag your mouse to change the view. If you’re on a mobile or tablet, open this in the youtube app and you can just move your device to look around!

While the 360 video is fun, its a bit too low definition for my taste, so I’ll be doing the tour of the car in regular video from now on.

Here’s a high definition of the 360 video so you can really see the details.


Here’s a gallery of images from this fantastic car. If you’d like any of these in higher resolution, just ask!

DSC00342 (Medium)

DSC00323 (Medium)

DSC00307 (Medium)

DSC00315 (Medium)

DSC00317 (Medium)

DSC00324 (Medium)

DSC00319 (Medium)

DSC00313 (Medium)

DSC00312 (Medium)

DSC00339 (Medium)

DSC00340 (Medium)

DSC00325 (Medium)

DSC00341 (Medium)

DSC00327 (Medium)

DSC00332 (Medium)

DSC00333 (Medium)

DSC00338 (Medium)

DSC00311 (Medium)

DSC00322 (Medium)

DSC00336 (Medium)

DSC00321 (Medium)

DSC00328 (Medium)

DSC00314 (Medium)

DSC00337 (Medium)

DSC00316 (Medium)

DSC00331 (Medium)

DSC00308 (Medium)

DSC00320 (Medium)

DSC00318 (Medium)

DSC00334 (Medium)

DSC00335 (Medium)

DSC00330 (Medium)

DSC00329 (Medium)

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